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Exercise + Excitement = EXERciting! Stretch-n-Grow makes fitness FUN! Our specialty is providing programmes that are high-quality, FUN, educational exercise experiences that help grow happy, healthy, successful kids. We work in partnership with schools and parents to bring engaging classes that focus on a mix of physical activity, education, and teamwork. With weekly emphasis on exercise and good food choices, our extensive curriculum covers virtually every wellness issue including hygiene, self-esteem, and safety. Our purpose is to create life-long healthy habits at an early age.

Classes are provided on-site at primary schools, childcare centres, preschools, after-school programmes, and parenting groups. Planting seeds for the future!! If you are looking to get your kids moving, you have landed in the right spot!

Stretch-n-Grow of Ireland is currently offering the following programmes:

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Stretch-n-Grow Star

Our most popular class!
Fun, imaginative classes where
Fitness Meets Fun!
Available for Toddlers to Schoolers.

Where Little Athletes Become Big Stars!
Perfect for After School & Primary Schools
Available for ages 4 and up.

Stretching Little Bodies
& Growing Strong Minds!
Available for ages 3 and up.
(Only at limited locations)

Developing a love of music and creating movement all in one class. This class is designed for our "Smallest Stars" - suitable for Toddlers & Wobblers.
(New programme coming to limited locations)

Fun, Safe & Effective Exercises

Developed under the supervision of our Advisory Board and regularly reviewed so you can be sure our curriculum follows the latest child fitness guidelines.

Skill-Specific Equipment Designed for Young Children

All equipment used is fun, tactile, safe and age-appropriate. Your coach will bring all equipment, which is changed which is changed out often. Great music to help get those hearts pumping.

Weekly Handouts & Monthly Newsletters

Do you send your child to classes and never find out what they do? Weekly handouts covering the topic of the week can be sharedl. Monthly newsletters let you know what's coming up in class.

Fun, Active, Imaginative Themes

Our lesson plans fill the class with imagination. Children will fly with the butterflies, be pirates, travel to space or march through the jungles. Let the child’s imagination run wild and they will respond with lots of action.

Stretch-n-Grow Helps Improve Social Development

Stretch-n-Grow classes help children develop better spatial awareness, rhythm and social development.

Sports Ready!

Preparing children for the skilled activities necessary for sports by improving basic sport knowledge, physical conditioning, co-ordination and agility.

Action-Packed, Non-Stop Fitness Class

Structured and well planned with time for warm-up, aerobics, resistance training and a cool down period. Educational element to reinforce healthy choices.

Focusing on Every Child

So that children keep moving with no child left out and NO waiting in line! Suitable for all abilities.

Teachers love it!
Parents love it!
And most importantly, children love it!

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Fitness Stars by Stretch-n-Grow of Ireland logo


Through Fitness Stars, we know how to capture that high energy so common in preschoolers and turn it into an adventure.

Stretch-n-Grow Star
All-Star Sports by Stretch-n-Grow Logo

Where Little Athletes
Become Big Stars

With All-Star Sports, we introduce the skills and techniques for a FUN mix of sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, football, field hockey, and track & field.

Stretch-n-Grow Star
Stretch-n-Grow Star
Yoga Stars by Stretch-n-Grow


Yoga Stars helps kids channel positive energy by creating a space to practice mindfulness, strength, and breathing techniques.

Stretch-n-Grow Star
Stretch-n-Grow Star
Music Stars by Stretch-n-Grow

It's "Tones" of Fun!

Helping kids develop a love for music and build a base for future learning through the power of music.

Stretch-n-Grow Star

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