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Head Office - Dublin
(086) 8389089  |  sngireland@gmail.com

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Stretch-n-Grow Franchisee.  If you wish 
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A Class with Coach Hillary Quinn

Stretching Little Bodies& Growing Strong Minds
Developing Movement and Concentration.  Yoga Stars will build strong bodies 
and mind.  Time to de-stress.  But doing it the Stretch-n-Grow way means it will 
be always be fun.  
Yoga Stars is available for children aged 3 and up
Yoga Stars:
  • Developing movement throughout the whole body
  • Perfect to  improve motor skills, agility and coordination
  • Coaches encouraging kids to enjoy and excel at fun yoga
  • Building confidence
  • A non-competitive and safe environment within their own school.
Perfect for during school time or as an  After School Programme.  Only offered by some franchisees.  North Dublin and Killiney/Shankill currently offer Yoga Stars.
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About Stretch-n-Grow

Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of Certified Youth Fitness Professionals!  We specialize in providing enrichment programs in schools that get kids' bodies AND minds moving with high quality, educational, FUN, and creative exercise experiences!

Stretch-n-Grow originated in Galveston, Texas in 1992 after an intense study that revealed alarming statistics concerning the health of America’s young children.  Our founders set out on a mission to change this course of children’s lives everywhere, and we have since expanded to thousands of cities around the world and millions of children have participated in Stretch-n-Grow!