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Stretch-n-Grow Programmes - We Get Kids Moving!

There are lots of reasons to get your kids doing a Stretch-n-Grow Programme: 

Development of  Fundamental Motor Skill • Cardio Endurance • Flexibility   • Balance and Coordination •  Body Awareness • Well Being Education

And it is 100% Fun!  Children love Stretch-n-Grow!

Principals, managers or school owners contact us for a FREE Class or a proposal to have us at your school.   

Stretch-n-Grow started in Texas in 1992 and rapidly expanded throughout the world.  The founders of Stretch-n-Grow conducted a detailed study into the  health status of very young children and created the Stretch-n-Grow programme and curriculum to address many of their findings.  To date millions of children have experienced Stretch-n-Grow.

The Stretch-n-Grow curriculum and glossary of exercises are safe, effective and age-appropriate. And most of all children, parents and teachers love it!

Advisory Board  
Our Programme was developed under the supervision of an Advisory Board of paediatricians, nutritionists, educators and fitness professionals.  In addition, Stretch-n-Grow follows the Department of Education’s Physical Education Guidelines. Stretch-n-Grow also links with Aistear, the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework.

Our Advisory Board and Affiliate Advisory Council regularly review the Stretch-n-Grow programme to ensure that our exercises are safe and are in compliance with the latest youth fitness guidelines.  All coaches are trained Youth Fitness specialists.
Our Franchises & Coaches

All our Franchisees & Coaches are Certified Youth Fitness Specialists.   Every Coach undergoes training to work with young children and how to deliver the best physical education programme.  All coaches are fully insured, Garda Vetted and follow the Children’s First Policy.
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About Stretch-n-Grow

Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of Certified Youth Fitness Professionals!  We specialize in providing enrichment programs in schools that get kids' bodies AND minds moving with high quality, educational, FUN, and creative exercise experiences!

Stretch-n-Grow originated in Galveston, Texas in 1992 after an intense study that revealed alarming statistics concerning the health of America’s young children.  Our founders set out on a mission to change this course of children’s lives everywhere, and we have since expanded to thousands of cities around the world and millions of children have participated in Stretch-n-Grow!